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Proindo is a company dedicated to the integration of new technologies in the home and the tertiary sector, emerging from the new technological needs in the domestic, business and construction sectors. We are integrators of domotic systems that work with the latest developments in the market. The implementation and implementation of the projects correspond to our team of highly qualified engineers and professionals with the corresponding professional training.

Our main goals are:

- Provide energy savings and security with efficient control.

- Improve the level of comfort and well-being of the customer.

- Offer an innovative image in our facilities.

Proindo's clients are professionals in the construction sector (architects, designers, promoters, builders), companies (industrial buildings, offices, offices, hotels, residences, shops) and end users (homeowners, people with physical disabilities, people higher).

Our work consists of the design, installation and start-up of domotic projects in homes and companies. We take care of offering the best selection of technological products of the market adapting them to the needs of our clients to obtain security, energy saving and comfort in our facilities. The variety of applications and architectures we work with gives us a wide range of possibilities to obtain the best results and the satisfaction of the end users of the systems.


Some information about us

We are a company with a trajectory of more than 10 years and more than 100 installations in the sector. Our experience gives us the security and knowledge necessary to start a new project. Still, we are committed to continuous training in a market where innovation is at the forefront of the day.

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what we can improve

Our challenge is to make uans homes and companies more efficient with energy consumption both own and external that translate into economic savings, spaces where it is more pleasant and easier to live and work, some places where we feel more secure and with which we can interact no matter where we are. This is reflected in the improvements we make in our facilities. We are proud to have incorporated many of these improvements into the vast majority of our projects ... and we expect to continue to grow.

Energy Saving





Our Services

Energy Saving

One of the purposes of domotic applications is to provide energy savings to companies or homes that in some cases can exceed 40 percent. The rational use of energy is one of the main objective of the electricity companies and they make available to the users the measures to make it possible. This involves, among other things, establishing a priority in connection of loads, taking advantage of the time sections with lower charges, using energy storage systems, establishing zones in heating systems, etc. The climatization of houses and buildings is one of the biggest expenses that they have to face in the use of the facilities. A system capable of efficiently managing air conditioning systems contributes significantly to this savings. Also the control of the lighting to adapt the level of luminosity to the users according to the activity that they are developing favors the saving in the electrical consumption.

And how do we get it? By studying each installation individually and incorporating the necessary improvements :

  • Real-time monitoring and analysis.
  • Custom installation study.
  • Study of electricity bills.
  • Optimizing contracts.
  • Device activation based on presence.
  • Time schedules in climate and light.
  • Centralization of general shutdown of equpios.
  • Zoning of climate systems.
  • Automatic shutdown in case of window opening.
  • Disconnection of non-priority equipment at peak consumption.
  • Garden watering schedule.
  • And a wide range of custom solutions ...


Security is one of the areas of management of the automation of a building or house more important, since it depends on aspects that range from the physical integrity of the people to the conservation of the property. For this reason, it has become one of the priorities of our home automation facilities both in the home and in the company. Every day it is more necessary to have a security system that protects the integrity of the home and its occupants, even during their absence, and this is already possible thanks to the new technologies. This task is performed first by detecting the incident caused, then performing the appropriate corrective actions and finally notifying the users or central alarm.

  • Security alarms
  • These alarms are oriented not only to prevent outsiders from entering into our dependencies, but to dissuade them from their attempts. By placing different types of sensors, it is possible to detect the presence of persons and / or objects, informing both the users of the dwelling and the alarm center. In addition, using the presence simulation we can turn lights on or off or raise and lower blinds randomly during our absence to simulate that the house is occupied.

  • Access control
  • Access control systems allow the identification of people who access or leave the house or company through identification cards, access codes, biometric readers, etc.

  • Video surveillance cameras
  • The video surveillance cameras allow us to see at all times what is happening in our house very easily through our mobile phone. In addition, everything is recorded to be able to view the images when we need them.

  • Fire detection
  • Through the detection of fires the system warns of the danger to the users using sound alarms, luminous warnings and / or telephone warnings to the alarm telephones of the memory. In addition, a series of measures are taken to avoid major evils such as closing the gas supply, cutting off electric power, activating water circuits to put out fires, opening doors and shutters, ...

  • Gas detection
  • Gas detection is very important to prevent an explosion inside our facilities, so the system acts in an urgent manner similar to fire detection.

  • Water leak
  • In case of a water leak the system will be in charge of closing the water tap, avoiding that the exhaust will go to greater and warn the occupants of the house by means of sound and/or lights warnings. Finally it will give notice of the incidence to the telephones programmed.

  • Medical alarms
  • These alarms are intended for the elderly or physically disabled who may need help at any time. Using keychains or pendants, you can get help from your nearest help desk or family at the touch of a button. In addition, with special sensors applied to your body you can control certain biological parameters such as blood pressure, blood sugar, etc.



The area of ​​communications is experiencing the greatest growth in recent years through the appearance of new products in the market and the incorporation of computers in our daily lives. The telecommunications sector offers us new solutions that are slowly becoming hollow in our lives: mobile phones, tablets, smart-tv, internet, bandwidth, wi-fi, ... The communications system offers the user a voice, data and image of what happens to their home, no matter where they are. An inhabitant can have all the information or control of their home from their work place with a simple phone call or through the internet access. The TV, HI-FI, Viedo and videoportero equipment allow to visualize any stay of the house or company from another point of the same or from our place of vacations. From now on it will be no problem to program the heating up before arriving home, to lower the blinds with the arrival of a storm, to take a look at the children's room from the office or to dialogue with the person who has called at our door and open it, everything from our mobile phone or computer regardless of the kilometers that separate us from the apartment. These are some of the examples applicable to our homes or businesses.

  • Smartphones and tablets control.
  • Warning messages in samrt phones and tablets.
  • Indoor and outdoor control.
  • Receiving consumption stadistics by mail.
  • IP Videocoms


Comfort area is aimed at providing the user with a greater level of comfort, use of housing and quality of life. Possibly it will be the aspect where the incorporation of domotic system in the daily life of its inhabitants will become more notorious ..

  • Lighting
  • In recent years the requirements for lighting of homes, buildings and offices have increased dramatically. The modern lighting installation must provide the right amount of light, in the right place at the right time, using the least energy. All this guaranteeing the maximum comfort for the user and the maintenance of the facilities. The use of sensors for switching on and off lights in the passage or outside areas, the creation of rooms in the rooms, the centralized control of the lighting or the control of the luminosity among other aspects contribute to this comfort.

  • Automatisms
  • Within the area of automatisms are all those actions that free users from their daily tasks. The rise and fall of the blinds and awnings of the house is no longer a loss of our daily time nor a thing that we have to worry about; now we can devote our time to more important things. Even if it starts to rain or a strong wind blows, the system will take care of it. Another possibility offered by home automation systems is the automation of household appliances. The operation of the devices will be based on a series of parameters such as the time of arrival at the apartment, entry into nightly rate schedules, etc.

  • Climate
  • Temperature regulation is very important in the area of comfort and one of the first to be automated. Even from the point of view of energy saving as it is one of the aspects of greater energy expenditure. The different sensors located in all rooms are responsible for turning the temperature devices on or off to provide users with a suitable temperature.

  • Other services
  • As can be deduced from all this, the applications where we can apply the home automation become very broad, many are the possibilities and few functions can not be carried out from a home automation system. Nor is the automatic irrigation of the garden saved, the garage doors, ...


Our customer's opinions

Oscar Roldán

"Proindo's expertise has been key to the success of the installation."


Enric Holzbacher

"Thanks Proindo! I'm delighted with the home automation."


Antoni Roca

"After a few disappointments with my installation I contacted Proindo and they solved all my problems."

St. Cugat del Vallés

Felipe Gómez

"Professionality and seriousness."


Albert Ferré

"I was advised on the different options. The result has been better than I imagined."


Ignacio Torres

"I never thought that I could live in a house like this, it's fantastic! I always recommend Proindo when people ask me, no doubt."


We are official partners

We are officially formed and accredited to work with the best systems on the market. Training certifications are key to success at the facility. We are professionals in home automation.

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